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Bible Study Group Covenant

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

I highly recommend having a covenant for your Bible study group.

A covenant is a binding agreement; a solemn promise; a testament between God and His people. He made a series of covenants with us. "Covenant" is a key word in the Bible.

We have had the same covenant for our Bible study group for about seventeen years. The purpose for our group covenant is for us to all be on the same page. With the covenant we know what to expect from each other in the group. I print them off and give each person a copy. We go over these items the Introduction night of each study.

We promise each other 9 things:

  1. How often we will meet (and I list what day of the week and time).

  2. Making attendance a priority.

  3. We will actually do the homework so we can participate in the discussion.

  4. Foster genuine Christian love.

  5. To pray for and encourage others in the group.

  6. Let others talk.

  7. Allow God to work in each others' lives.

  8. Keep the confidence of others in the group.

  9. Uphold the unity of the church.

[I know number 6 says "sisters" and that is because I have women in my group. James 1:19 in modern versions reads "brothers and sisters," but when we made this around 2006, we used a masculine language Bible which read "My dear brothers, take note...".]

When my friend and I developed this covenant, we wanted to nurture a safe environment for people in the group to share and grow spiritually.

Go ahead and copy this covenant if it would serve your group.

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