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Christian Books and Gifts

I have been recommending Christian books in many of my posts.  I thought it might be helpful to summarize them in one place.

I'll do my best to update this list as I recommend more books.

Click on any book or gift to see details on the product and to order.

All products are affiliate links to ChristianBook website.

I recommended paperback books for the most part, but there are often ebooks and other formats available.

I marked my favorites in blue!

PassiontoKnowMore is an affiliate  of Christianbook. If you click on book and continue shopping, I get a small percentage of all you order. Thank you!

Great Reads!

Any purchases made through links on my website will help support this site.

Thank you so much!

Must Reads!
Bible Studies
Christian Fiction
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I bought the Aaronic Blessing Pendant and loved it so much I bought it for someone else!

I recently bought the Celtic Knot Cross and love it.

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