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I have been recommending Christian books in many of my posts.  I thought it might be helpful to summarize them in one place.

I'll do my best to update this list as I recommend more books.

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I marked my favorites in blue!

One of the items I gave each woman in my women's Bible study group for Christmas last year was one of these Then & Now Bible Maps pamphlets. They LOVED it! And refer to it quite frequently.

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Bible 101 Series Excellent beginner Bible study. Booklets are Foundations; Times & Places; Cover to Cover; Study Methods; Interpretation; Parables & Prophecy; Great Themes; Personal Devotion. (Note: Not sold on ChristianBook, this is a direct link to InterVarsity Press. Most of these have been discontinued and you would have to buy on eBay.)

a bibliophile!

I bought the Aaronic Blessing Pendant and loved it so much I bought it for someone else!

Passion to Know More

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