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Bible classes offered in the North Carolina areas of Charlotte/ Huntersville/ Davidson/ Cornelius/ Concord.

These are classes - not Bible studies.  Think of a high school or college class. 

  • I have developed the curriculums for each of these classes.

  • Each class is 1-1/2 hours long.

  • I learn visually and so I teach visually using Power Point presentations with charts, graphs and handouts.

  • I am mobile with my own projector and screen and can come to your group wherever you meet.

  • Each student will get a notebook with the slide notes of the presentation and room to take their own notes.

  • Cost - I do not charge for my time.  But I do ask for a voluntary donation from each student of $10 to $20 (depending on the class) to cover the costs of the notebooks and making copies.

Classes offered:

  1. Connecting the Dots of the Bible - 6 weeks (cost $20 donation)

  2. The Pentateuch - 6 weeks (cost $15 donation)

  3. The Kingdom Books - 8 weeks (cost $20 donation)

  4. The New Testament Historical Books - 6 weeks (cost $15 donation)

  5. The Intertestamental History - 2 weeks (cost $10 donation)

1.  Connecting the Dots of the Bible

This is my most popular class. Students love it! This 6 week class is packed full of useful information about the Bible.

In this class you will get the big picture of the Bible:

  • What is the Bible

  • Differences in versions

  • How we know the text is reliable

  • Key words and phrases

  • 9 historical eras of the Old Testament and 3 historical eras of the New Testament

  • Charts and graphs

  • Geography - then and now

  • History of 400 years between the testaments


This class is for everyone. You may be new to this Christianity thing or maybe you have been going to church for decades and think you know what I'm going to teach, but I guarantee wherever you are in your journey, you will see the Bible in a whole new light after this class!

To schedule a class for your group, email me at

2.  The Pentateuch

This 6 week class goes over the first five books of the Bible - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. These 5 books are called the Pentateuch or Torah.

  • Creation

  • Flood

  • Covenants

  • Abraham and his descendants

  • Moses and the Exodus

  • Holiness

  • Wilderness 

  • Preparing for the Promised Land

  • Repeating the Law

The Pentateuch is the foundation for the rest of Scripture.

What are students saying?


"Carolyn's passion for the Bible is contagious! Her ability to 'connect the dots' of the Bible is a gift that she graciously shares. I've gained a greater understanding and a greater appreciation for the Bible."

- Cyndee

"I really got a great understanding of the history of the Bible and who wrote what and when and the time between the Old and New Testament. This class was absolutely worth my time!"

- Anonymous


"I really enjoyed this class and found it very useful. It has inspired me to read the Bible and learn more about God's Word on my own." 

- Anonymous


"I often think about what I learned in this class."

- Clayton

"I learned more about the Bible through this class then in my entire life.  I actually want to continue reading/ learning the Bible because of Carolyn.  I thought this class was well worth it!"

- Anonymous


"This class really does what it says.  It connects all the dots."

- Kathy

3.  The Kingdom Books

This 8 week class covers the books from Joshua through 2 Kings.  Conquest of the Promised Land. Judges. The kings of the united kingdom and divided kingdom. What an exciting time in biblical history! 

4.  The New Testament Historical Books

This 6 week class is an overview of the books of Matthew through Acts. Why 4 Gospels? Are these books reliable? The life and ministry of Jesus. The founding of the church. The Great Commission. 

5.  The Silent Years

The 400 years between the Old Testament and New Testament are called The Silent Years because God did not send any prophets to speak for Him. But God was still quite busy preparing the time for our Lord to be born! In this 2 week class you learn about why the New Testament books were written in Greek, the rise of the synagogues, the differences in the various sects of Judaism, etc. - the Greek, Hebrew, and Roman preparation for our Savior. (I also cover this information in my 6 week Connecting the Dots of the Bible class.)

  • Taken several classes over the years including Bible Basics, Theology 101, Overview of the New Testament, The Pentateuch,...

  • Years spent reading and studying the Bible

  • Led a women's group for several years

  • Read about 145 Christian books

  • Completed about 40 Christian studies

  • Worked in a Christian bookstore

  • Did research for a minister for several months

  • Taught Bible classes for over 6 years

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