How Do I Pronounce that Word?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

The Bible was written over about a 1500 year time period. The last of the 66 books to be written was Revelation and was written about 100 A.D. World geography was different back then. People's names were strange back then. Pronouncing the names of the places and the people in the Bible can be a real challenge!

My new* go-to site for hearing how a Bible word is pronounced is

[*Note: I had written this post in January and had recommended a different site before. That site required Quiktime 7 web plug-in to hear the word pronounced. It was just announced DO NOT install Apple Quicktime 7 on your computer and if you have installed it, uninstall it immediately. Having Quicktime 7 may allow malicious software to attack your PC computer.]

Go and check it out.

Listen to:

Onesimus o-NEH-sih-muhs

Philemon fih-LEE-muhn

Tychicus TIH-kih-kuhs

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