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Happy Third Anniversary!

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

It is so very hard to believe it has been 3 years since I launched this website. It has been a wonderful three years that have flown by!

  • I hope something I shared with you has touched you in some way.

  • I hope you have learned something.

  • I hope something has peaked your interest to open your Bible.

Thank you to those of you who have encouraged me as I continue to do what God has placed on my heart. Thank you to those of you who shared, liked, and commented on social media posts. When you do, it spreads the footprint of this website.

  • There are lots of Christian websites out there which lift you up.

  • There are lots of scholarly websites which go very deep into theological concepts.

  • This website was meant to fill an in-between need - to teach about the Bible in an easy to understand way.

I rarely check the analytics of this site because I learned the first year that it isn't about the numbers. I do this website and social media to just 'get it out of me' and perhaps to leave a legacy. I don't want my years of research and what I've learned to disappear. I checked the analytics just the other day (first time in months) and I was surprised to learn 54% of my readers are male and 46% are female. That the largest age group of my readership is 25-34 years old! And that I tripled people visiting my site this year!

Slow and steady is the tortoise. Smile.

I have written 154 blogs since this website was launched 3 years ago!

First year: 74

Second year: 44

This year: 36

I am writing about things God puts on my heart.

The women's Bible study group which meets at my home was going through my Connecting the Dots of the Bible class. We had spent time going over the Old Testament and before Easter we watched a video on Passover by Dr. Sam Nadler (a Messianic Jew.) Then we had a Passover meal at my house. It was a Christian Seder meaning it connected the Passover lamb to Jesus, the Lamb of God. As a result I wrote two blogs on that.

This year I had a mild heart attack and subsequently I wrote four posts related to that:

Be Resilient 4/10/18

I got in a discussion on a Christian forum about the End Times with two people. They both believe the End Times are upon us. I don't know about that. This discussion led me to write two blogs on the subject.

When I was writing Blessed are the Peacemakers dated July 11, 2018 I did a considerable amount of research to check facts and find out what went on in the Palestinian - Israeli conflict. I feel very strongly about that blog and I hope you will take the time to read it. The affiliate link book, Blood Brothers by Elias Chacour, who is a Palestinian Christian, is well worth the read. (Maybe ask for it for Christmas?) It gives you a different perspective then what we in the West have been fed. And a lot of what we think we know has been twisted and manipulated towards one side.

Jesus called us to be peacemakers. I believe it is only through the Gospel that peace will come in that region of the world. We have to restore dignity to all people and give them hope. And by the word "hope" I do not mean the hope-so-kind of hope, but the real biblical hope. (See blog Hope, Not Hope So dated August 15, 2018) The gospel message is meant for all people. And frankly, we humans can do better when it comes to the entire world refugee problem. Yes, we are told by our Lord to be peacemakers, to forgive, and to love our neighbor. Are we going to obey Him?

Are we so concerned that the End Times are upon us that we are forgetting our Lord's command to go out to all people and tell them the good news? That is our mission - to be part of God's plan and obey Him; not to speculate on how He is using the current world events in gathering the nations. Peace, forgiveness, love and the good news is for both Israelis and Palestinians. Perhaps we should be more like Switzerland than choosing who we will side with. No, let's just choose to be on the Lord's side and proclaim the good news to all. We do what He called us to do - to be His witnesses to the world and let's let Him do His thing, be God.

God really put it on my heart to write Bless Each Other dated August 19, 2018 about benedictions. Many years ago I researched doxologies (praises to God) and benedictions (blessings.) Awhile ago I wrote on doxologies. (See To Him be the Glory dated December 3, 2015), but I never did the benediction side. And suddenly I was seeing benedictions everywhere. I'd be looking up Scripture on something and there would be a benediction. I'd hear them on the radio. And this thought of leaving other Christians with a benediction formed. Not just at church, but every time you meet together! How incredible it would be if we would get in the habit of blessing each other and praising the Lord before we part each other. What an encouragement.

This year I have been pondering generational faith. We are told to pass on our faith to the next generation. (Perhaps I am in this mindset because of my heart attack. Time is so precious. Did I do everything I could to pass it on?) I believe in general we are failing. I believe my previous generation failed us and my generation is failing too. And I fear future generations are in peril. Parents can't teach their children what they themselves don't know. Many Christians today don't seem to know the why of the what they believe so they can't explain it to others. The churches don't seem to be doing a lot of training either. This year the Spirit is specifically pointing out Scripture having to do with generational faith. It matters! Learn yourself and then pass on what you learn.

Check out my blogs on generational faith:

I am having fun sharing with you!

I have tried very hard to keep the "me" out of this website. By that I mean I want this site to be for His glory. I also realize being personal about some of my experiences - spiritual growth and failures - can encourage others. I have been genuine with you. Thank you for your grace and kindness to me.

Check out Passion to Know More on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily learning and encouragement.

If you enjoy Passion to Know More, please tell others about it. Maybe share one of these blogs or social media posts? I don't do the ad thing and pop-ups to generate hits or revenue. I am only affiliated with one company and provide links to books I recommend. It is just you and me exploring things together.

Thank you for joining me!

Let's feed our passion to know more of Him.

And on to year FOUR! That makes me grin.

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